Central Academy is the school providing quality education. Our School is dedicated to the all round development of the students. Our main focus is on the foundation for a generation which will mould the destiny of our country. Our constant endeavour is to provide a perfect environment, so that the child can develop his abilities and skills. Our school is supporting economically weak students. Our School aims to provide quality teaching as well as extracurricular activities to its students.

Our School is the end product of intensive pedagogic research and dialogue with Parents, Students and Institutional heads from various parts of the country. Our School is the first of its kind to do away with traditional rigid teaching and to bring in special class rooms, green boards, digital boards, audio visual equipments, software technology etc. to bring in a unique blend of Western and Indian concepts in teaching. The aim of our School is to provide quality education to students, providing them the fullest opportunity to develop by means of the best in terms of both infrastructure as well as services to parents, using the latest developments in technology.

Coupled with right motivation, tutoring and premium environment attuned to keep their minds sharpest and most receptive, "Wining can be made to be a habit with every student". Children can be truly moulded to be on the top of the world. This is the mission of our School.